Friday, April 10, 2009

An Owl Came

An owl came yesterday with the best swap package ever. Squee! When I opened the box I found a great project bag containing the stuff for my bag felting project, cat toys!, gummy worms and cookies which were tasted and proclaimed excellent before I had a chance to photo anything. (If you click on the pictures they will get bigger and stop looking blurry....)
While I was taking photos, the catnip mouse was also "appropriated", tested and proclaimed to be most excellent.
Then I looked inside the felted bag kit and found yarn (with 2 colors of red so I could pick which one looked most Gryffindor), a pattern and Addi Needles. I need to make this bag to get over my fear of felting....

The red and gold bag is beautiful and will make a great project bag for medium sized projects. It has a place for storing knitting needles and a million pockets and the pockets were all FULL.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Gel pens (which I can never have enough of) PINK skull beads - SQUEE - and other findings to make stitch markers (because I like to make them), and tubes of pink, white and red and gold mixed beads, a red M&M tin for carrying stuff in knitting bags and Body Shop Papaya Body Butter which I will carry in my knitting bag for when I want to knit and my hands are dry.

Thank you Fleur for these most excellent gifts. You really went above and beyond. I hope you like your swap package as much!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad it got there and is being enjoyed! :)

    I love the picture of your kitty!

  2. What a gorgeous bag! :D And an awesome kit!!!