Monday, May 25, 2009

The Muggle Fairy Tale "Little Red Riding Hood"

You may not be aware that the muggles have stolen a minor historical event from the wizard world and turned it into a "fairy tale" - a story read to small children that everyone understands not to be real. In their tale, a little girl wearing a red hood takes goodies to her grandmother's house. When she gets there she discovers a wolf in her grandmother's bed, wearing her grandmother's nightgown. The wolf attacks the little girl but a hunter wandering by rescues her and her grandmother from the wolf. "And they all live happily ever after" - this is how muggle fairy tales usually end.

My parents told me the story of what really happened:

The little girl in the story was a Hogwarts student in Gryffindor - so really she was wearing a red robe, not just a hood. She was getting a bad grade in her DADA class because she wasn't paying attention in class and her family wanted to teach her a lesson. So they sent her to go see her grandmother, who was an animagous. When she got to her grandmother's house, grandmother turned into a wolf and attacked her. Needless to say the student was terrified. At the last minute, grandmother turned back into a witch. The grandmother and student sat down and had a long talk about the importance of practicing ones countercurses and spells. After that the student went back to Hogwarts, worked really hard and eventually became an Auror.

It is amazing how the muggles can get the facts so mixed up. I guess that is because they don't know anything about magic. Anyway, here is a picture I made for my Ancient Runes class inspired by the Fairy Tale. I had to get my cat to model it because there was no one else in the common room.

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